Around Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico

Santa Fe is one the oldest city in the USA, it has a strong indian and hispanic heritage and has a thriving art community. Santa Fe is said to be the second largest art market in the US after New York City. Whether you are a foodie, a hipster, art junkie or a natural wonders aficionado there is something for you in or around Santa Fe. On one of our day trip, about 1 and 1/2 hours North of Santa Fe, we spent the day at the Taos Pueblo, a village belonging to the Tiwa-speaking Native American tribe of the Pueblo people. It was fascinating to discover the Native American way of life, the architecture, the landscapes and the friendliness of the people was very inspiring. Taos Pueblo is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On another day trip, we went for a ride on the Santa Fe Southern Railways (SFSR), it was a fun traveling through beautiful untouched scenery of the high desert, a perfect half day trip for kids.




Taos Pueblo





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